Thursday, February 22, 2007

giving in or giving up?

I'm never very sure about lent. I like to return to my non-conformist roots and tell myself I'm above such legalistic things - trouble is I'm just kidding myself on and secretly wish i had the discipline to give up a 'something' -be it chocolate, wine, biscuits, TV. I applaud those of you who manage it.

So...thinking about this, I've decided to give up something - or rather I'm not. In an effort to do something positive, I'm giving up NOT reading the bible every day - (contain yourselves those of you who can't stand a double negative) - could be seen as a cop out in some respects, but I'm hoping that just as the alcohol free diet will do some of you a lot of good (you know who you are...) the same will be true for me - and I think that's probably at the heart of what lent is meant to be about. I'll let you know how I do. PS - a good link on jonny baker to the grace site where there's a daily lent blog.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

ditto ditto ditto

As I've been meandering around my usual blogging spots, I came across this virtual interview with someone called John at (sorry something not rigth with the hyperlink thingy) from the UK on the site.
It's quite nice to know we're not alone.....but I've absolutely no solutions for John or for those of us struggling with the same dilemmas. Quite amusing, if we somehow discovered that John was just around the corner....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

why can't it be a bit more like this?

Came across yet another little vein of good stuff for those of us sticking our toe in the emerging church meanderings and musings. Kester Brewin now has a link to the community formerly known as 'Vaux' - they in turn have set up a new site called the Open office where they state this;
"The idea for this site is very simple: to be a tool for groups exploring a rhythm of life that has a liturgical edge to share resources." Interested?
I then came across this, which resonates with me and leaves me wondering just why we can't seem to get over ourselves and use liturgy that actually relates to our 21st Century daily lives? "We do not presume to blah de bah de blah etc etc...."

Monday, January 29, 2007

men and church

Last night we held 'Liquid Church' at HT. Our theme was 'Spiritual Detox' It was an opportunity for people to reflect, meditate, pray and participate in a variety of different ways. No start, no end , no singing, no preach. It was a good evening and great to meet new people who may not have easily come to traditional church.
But something is bothering me. Talking to G, and just getting his take on the evening, he commented how few men were there. And he was right. And the men who were there, may have been there more as a support for their other halves than because they had chosen to be there in their own right. I'm wondering why that was the case.
Was the theme too 'feminine'? Or is it the format? Despite our best efforts, is it still too touchy feely?
It's the 3rd Liquid Worship we've done and the numbers are steadily growing, but overall the women vastly out number the men. Have men already made their mind up that this won't be for them? Will this approach always appeal more to women than men, or is it that men just can't be bothered to participate, contribute or even just give it a go? Trouble is, we're in a bit of a catch 22 - how do we break out of this when we struggle to get men to help put the programme together? I realise I'm probably guilty of type casting but it's frustrating me plus I'm also trying to provoke all you men out there to comment.
Oh, and ironically - when's the next 'Liquid Worship'? - Mothering Sunday that's when - you chaps will all be flocking to that!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

is it art?

Coincidentally, after our discussion on Wednesday night about modern and conceptual art, jonny baker has posted a blog about Banksy and the tension between his art, what it stands for and the commercial interest it's now attracting. Even if you're not very interested in that discussion, you might want to take a look at some of his work.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

following a Northumberland conversation

You might like to take a look at the following.
Kester Brewer is fairly well known in emerging church circles and has just recently revamped his blog. He's written a book called 'The Complex Christ' - I've not read it yet but have it on my list. Just thought his latest post was quite amusing and interesting in the light of what we were thrashing out on Wednesday evening!

glimpses of heaven

Back from a great 2 days in Northumberland with buddies.

Memories of;
Remote, beautiful landscapes
A (very) large 4 poster bed
Prayers in Hexham Abbey
Real fires
Being locked out of the hotel at 12.30 in the morning
Wine and beer flowing
good conversation (did Wendy really say she was hot in bed?)
community......'s to the next time....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Returned from London today after memorable New Year celebrations. When I said we'd be on the telly, I was presuming it would be when Big Ben struck 12, but that's not quite how it all worked out.
In an attempt to be super organised and beat the thronging masses, we went up to town early. After a stroll around the beautiful Thames side - (in the rain), a visit to Somerset House to take in the skating (in the rain), a (warm and dry) Italian meal and a further (absolutely drenching) stroll around Trafalgar Square, the thought of warmth and comfort back at our friend's place was just too strong to resist. So that's what we did. PSL went to bed at 10.30, and my buddy and me popped open the champagne and watched the stunning fireworks, and 'The Feeling 'playing live at Somerset House...from her lounge. Not exactly what we'd planned but we had a great laugh anyway. Can't decide if we made the best decision or were middle-aged losers.....and no...don't post your replies to that rhetorical question. Looking forward to our trip to Northumberland tomorrow with fellow ThirdSpacers.